Thomas Bertha April 11, 2018

Look online for office chairs, and you would be overwhelmed with the bunch of brands and models available. To make things simple, we have listed the only 10 tips you need to know.

  1. Consider the seat height. A height range between 15” and 22” is considered to be ideal for office chairs. Keep in mind that the same chair will be used by different employees, so you cannot skip this aspect.
  2. Are the arm rest adjustable? This feature may or may not exist on an office chair, but if you have the option, it only makes the seating more comfortable.
  3. Swivel base is a must. When someone is using the chair for a big desk, a swivel base will ensure that the person can reach all areas and corners easily.
  4. Do you have carpeted floors? If yes, you cannot use regular wheel chairs as it can damage the carpets. Check for office chairs at to know the options.
  5. What about lumbar support? Our lower back forms a natural curve as we sit, and lumber support fills the gap and offers considerable cushioning. Lumbar support can be fixed or adjustable, and the latter is obviously better.
  6. Check for reclining feature. When you sit in the chair, you should be able to move back easily. The backrest for office chairs is usually adjustable, but the extent of recline can differ.
  7. Seat size matters. The width of the seat is important, and in the ideal case, it should one inch wide on both sides. In terms of depth, you don’t want a long seat, which will take away the back support.
  8. Cushioning is essential. Is the seat comfortable enough? Cushioning is important because people use office chairs for houses at a stretch.
  9. Consider the brand. While the cost of branded chairs is usually on the higher side, these also tend to be more durable. Go for a brand that you can rely on, and don’t forget to check the reviews, which can help in comparing choices.
  10. Balance is important. Chairs need to support the weight of the user, and it is not wise to buy one without checking the maximum weight limit. If you have a heavy manager at work, you may need something more specific.

In general, chairs with more adjustable features usually tend to be more expensive. Consider your requirements and check for prices online now!