Month: November 2017

Thomas Bertha November 29, 2017

Your website is the core of all your marketing and branding efforts, and it makes sense to take time before hiring a website designer. Web developers claim all sorts of things about their work, and more often than not, they don’t deliver as promised. Below, we have listed down the important questions that you must […]

Thomas Bertha November 26, 2017

Team Development and Kayaking go hands-in-hands for many reasons. Team development and kayaking have each become extremely popular activities in the last couple decades, to begin with and both encourage categories of visitors to interact together having a common goal or destination. And, if done correctly, both activities ought to be fun for everybody involved. […]

Thomas Bertha November 16, 2017

Small businesses and startups have limited resources, but yet, it’s hard to reduce the marketing costs. As a small business owner, you should consider hiring one of the best digital marketing companies for the job, given that having an in-house team requires more money, effort and time. Working with a marketing agency can be confusing, […]

Thomas Bertha November 11, 2017

The art of property vandalism has grown sophisticated, almost classy in a way, today. Gone are the days of theatrical bashing of glass panes using crude weapons. The crooks of today come armed with suave technology and techniques to effortlessly get tangible, material obstructions out of the way. In today’s times, nothing is a bigger […]