Thomas Bertha December 7, 2017

The internet provides the perfect market for business. Businesses that lack their presence online cannot make enough profits. This is because most clients are found online. A reliable website can enable a business capture clients from any part of the world. However, that will depend on the quality of hosting services the website receives. Listed are reasons for opting for managed hosting services.

Global reach

The business will grow once it starts exploiting new markets. That is what the managed wordpress hosting providers offer. They have large and sophisticated infrastructure perfectly made for global reach. Thus, it is very possible for an online business to be a reputable global brand using this infrastructure. This will escalate the ROI of the business.

Automatic backups

Data loss is devastating. It would cause the business to stagnate or culminate in its collapse. That would force an entrepreneur to set up the website afresh. It is important to consider any possible loss of the data. That would enable you to obtain better hosting services. The finest hosting providers would provide automatic backups. Some do not charge for the backups. This would prevent data loss.

One-click staging environment

To maintain the efficiency of your website, testing is mandatory. Keep testing the any new changes, new plugins and updates. However, make certain the test is done on the development site. Check the process for testing offered by host providers. Some have a very complex process. They consume more time. Most managed cloud servers hosts provide one-click staging environment. It makes testing easy.

Developer friendly

Check if the web host has developer-friendly feature. Such features are inaccessible in shared hosting services. The managed hosting providers give users access to SSH access, composer, HeidiSQL, Sequel Pro and Git. The developers will not rely on the host providers when they can simply use this feature. This offers the developer a degree of liberty.


Every website owner has a dream of attracting traffic in his/her site. The various available hosting services have an effect on growth. The managed wordpress hosting services offers a flexible room for growth. The growth of the users cannot be limited like those using the shared hosting. Those that outgrow the resources of the shared hosts are forced to migrate to dedicated servers.

Premium DNS

The success of your website will increase if you rely on a premium DNS provider. However, the more the DNS providers you use the better. Companies offering managed hosting services provide DNS. Consider the performance of the DNS providers too. Some can be fast while others can be very slow. It is wise to search for a managed hosting firm that is fast in providing DNS. Shared hosts do not have DNS.


The managed cloud servers greatly improve the performance of the website. The hosts know that their ratings escalate based on the performance of their clients’ websites. Their goal is ensuring the websites load much faster. The hosting companies work for the benefit of their clients. It is essential to provide exceptional results in order to retain their reputation.