Thomas Bertha January 1, 2019

So you have chosen a hosting plan, built your website, and known that users are visiting your site. However, in order to succeed in the competitive online space, your effort should not stop once you build your site. It is necessary to constantly update your site to meet your visitors’ needs. You can do this by taking advantage of analytics.

If you are using a web builder, you should have probably turned your integrated analytics tools on. When you turn on, ensure you look at the data since you can use this data to your advantage. The data can show how the performance of your site and what it is doing wrong. Also, it shows the holes in your site and the elements that must be fixed. Below are the vital metrics that you must pay attention to:

User Engagement

This metrics will tell you the number of visitors who are engaging with your site and happy about your content. If your site has pages that have very low engagement, they should be improved by adding quality content, adding more media, or ensuring alignment of the traffic source with this page.

Bounce Rate

This will tell you the percentage of users who landed on your site and hit the back button. Often, this can tell you that a certain page is not serving visitors. This could indicate that your site traffic is not aligned with this page, the page doesn’t contain quality content, or it loads slowly. If your bounce rate is high on a certain page, this often means you must improve it.

Loading Time

If your website loads quickly, your users will engage with your site and have a positive experience.  By determining the pages that load slowly, you can know what could be causing it.

Page Exit Data

This data depicts the proportion of visitors who tend to leave your website after they view a page. Sometimes, this can make sense. For instance, if one of your pages sends people offsite, you should be okay with a high exit rate. But, this should not be a good thing if the page is not sending people away from your website purposely.

You can use the metrics above to improve your site’s quality. By digging through your data, you can also give your users a positive experience every time they visit your site. With all the information in hand, you can easily make changes by logging to your website builder.