Thomas Bertha April 16, 2018

Having a competent and aligned web/software/app development team is important for IT startups and businesses. Sadly, the process of expansion, recruitment and retention can bog down the ambitions. That’s exactly where Cybercraft comes in the picture. Cybercraft specializes in building remote development team eastern Europe and has worked with many prestigious clients over the last 30 years. Below is a quick take on their services.

Why work with Cybercraft?

Finding IT professionals for your company is never a problem, but choosing the right people does matter. Cybercraft can help in setting up a remote development team in Ukraine, where they are based. The company has helped clients in saving up to 60% of the costs that are typically associated with in-house expansion. They can speed up the launch process, and your remote team will be selected and finalized after discussing things with you. Not to forget, the team recruited can start work immediately, and Cybercraft will arrange the setup, technical assistance and IT infrastructure as required. As a client, you get to select the best developers for the job, while the company takes care of the legal and administrative aspects. In fact, you don’t even have to bother about payroll.

Getting started

Cybercraft likes to know client requirements in detail. You need to have your expectations, company goals and details of the project handy. If you have specific notes, share with the team and be specific with your requirement goals. They will assemble remote technical teams accordingly, and in between that, Cybercraft will check for shortlisting processes, interviews, technical tests and all other things. In fact, you will need to invest minimum effort in the hiring process, and the ground work and legal aspects will be their responsibility. In terms of costing, you have no financial obligations, except for what’s payable as the final invoice. Cybercraft invoice includes the salaries of your employees and a fee for their services.

The team of software development managers from the company can also help in planning, executing and controlling projects according to tech requirements and goals, and you can rely on them for initial advice and help on project viability. They can also help you understand if you need an in-house team or can manage the work well with an offshore team. Talk to the team of Cybercraft today to get a free consultation session, and they can help you with the estimates, as well.