Thomas Bertha November 11, 2017

The art of property vandalism has grown sophisticated, almost classy in a way, today. Gone are the days of theatrical bashing of glass panes using crude weapons. The crooks of today come armed with suave technology and techniques to effortlessly get tangible, material obstructions out of the way. In today’s times, nothing is a bigger bane to their success than security surveillance cameras.

A single clear snapshot of a criminal’s face at the scene of crime is enough to incriminate him. So, ingenious methods have been crafted to vandalize security cameras before the criminal deed is performed. Cyber security is one of the threats to security cameras, though Hikvision and other leading security camera companies are doing their best to keep away such risks. Vandalism is another great threat to the video surveillance systems. As a countermeasure, it is but natural to devise ways to counteract it, which have been for a couple of years now. Here are some of the methods one can employ to prevent CCTV camera vandalism:

Vandal Resistant Technology

The most recent surveillance technology in the market comes vandal-proof with vandal-proof camera and housing. These technologies prevent manual tampering and are explosion-proof, dust-proof and bullet-proof. Some are strong enough to take the force of the weight of a car on it. These systems can go a long way in preventing vandalism of all kinds.

Vantage Point

A basic method to avoid vandalism can be creating a virtual barrier between the cameras and people by simply placing them out of reach. This works exceptionally well in places with high ceilings. The only point of consideration is that the high-placed cameras have to be well angled to properly capture the scene below in such a way that people can be recognised.

Employing Fake Cameras

A simple yet effective trick can be creating a distraction from the real cameras by installing fake ones in a place that catches their attention. This would save the real surveillance cameras from any damage and capture the images of the miscreants.

Hiding Real Cameras

In conjunction with the previous point, real cameras can be placed in a discreet fashion to prevent detection. Some cameras can be ingrained into the walls; some come disguised as ordinary objects.


The easiest way to defeat a camera is attacking the cables. For that reason, it is advisable to either cover the wires with a concrete shield of sorts or lay them beneath the walls in such a way that their presence cannot be detected.

Third Party Assistance

If the use of surveillance cameras is extensive and widespread, it is more efficient to employ external companies specialised in providing security to clients to monitor the cameras. With their help, efficient and systematic processing of data can be done in real time to nab any culprit causing problems.

When surveillance cameras get vandalized and damaged, the video feed being stored in an external drive can be damaged and lost. An Analogue or IP based system can prevent such an occurrence from taking place by sending the data via the internet and storing it in real time.