Thomas Bertha October 31, 2017

If you are like most Americans these days, you probably work a job that requires you to be at the office pretty early, leave at an irregular time, and keep in contact through email and other means ever after hours. It seems to be pretty common for an individual to lack a work life balance, and that can cause some problems down the line. If you have never put a lot of thought into why work life balance is important than maybe now is the time to start thinking about it. Having a better work life balance can lead to a better quality of life and a healthier mind and body. One of the great benefits of instilling some work life balance into your life is usually that you are going to be working a little less, or at least enjoying your down time a little more.

There are many careers that require intense hours and very little personal time, but a finance job might be one of the most common that I have seen. When you work in finance, things change on a daily basis and these changes can have drastic results for your company, and your income. If you are not constantly on the ball, you can miss out on opportunities or overlook information that is crucial to your success. However, on the same note, if you are not fulfilled and are exhausted from your job, you are not going to be able to be clear headed either. Even if you have some downtime and a good group of friends that encourage you to spend time with them, you still are not going to want to go out if you are exhausted all of the time.

Lucky for you, I have been there and there are a couple tips and tools I can recommend.

Get Real About Dating

Honestly, being in a relationship can be time consuming. However, once you get into a routine and stop having to go on fancy dates and impress each other, it can much easier to see each other on a regular basis and fit into each other’s lives. If you feel like you do not even have the time to go out and meet people, check out to make things a little easier.

Force Yourself to Have a Bedtime Routine

Getting more sleep will allow you to enjoy the social life that you do have already. Sometimes after a long day at work my overtired mind and body cannot even get itself to fall asleep. I find that my brain is running all over the place and my thoughts are interrupting my rest. One of the best ways to help this is to develop a bedtime routine that is relaxing. For example, maybe making a cup of tea and reading a good book will help you to calm your mind. Other people find that if they do some light yoga or stretching before crawling into bed they sleep a little easier. Whatever you choose to do, be consistent about it.