Thomas Bertha May 2, 2018

DTH recharge, phone or broadband bills, utility payments…everything can be paid online in just a few clicks. This blog takes a look at the process.

Bill payment is a reality of our lives. Every month, there is a pile of bills waiting for each of us – mobile and landline bills, society maintenance, power, gas and cable bills, Internet bills, grocery bills…the list goes on and on! You pay each and every one of them, keeping an eye on bill payment dates for each. Once the last one is paid, you heave a sigh of relief…only to start the entire cycle the next month, and the next month, and the next month…

This never-ending cycle of bill payment can make you anxious and irritable. It’s too much to remember to do, and you certainly don’t have the time to go to each utility centre separately and dispense with cash. You are also wary of spending your cash on bills, especially after the demonetisation programme effected a cash crunch crisis post November 2016.

The most sensible option for bill payment today is to take the digital route. This is how you can pay your bills online:

* Automate it using your bank’s app. Leading banks in the country today have developed cutting edge banking apps that track your expenses, keep account of your bill payment dates and send reminders about the same. Some apps can even be authorised to carry out ECS transfers for your bills. For example, if your broadband bill payment is scheduled for the 5th of every month, the app will automatically effect the payment after checking your account balances. This way, you don’t have to worry about the bill payment once you have fed all the respective due dates into the app schedule.

* Pay via your smartphone app. Your mobile service provider may also have an app that offers bill payment functionalities. Take, for example, the myAirtel app from Airtel. It offers a wide range of functions, and you can finish paying not just phone bills, but also all other bills using its various features. If you don’t have it already installed, then download it for free from the Google Play Store or iTunes, and proceed to pay all your bills one after the other in just a few clicks. From broadband bill pay to recharging your DTH, and from power bill payment to settling the family plan postpaid bills, the myAirtel app is the best way to settle all bills in one sitting. Besides, you can also pay the bills of non-Airtel customers using this revolutionary app.

* Pay using the mobile provider’s website. If it’s a question of broadband bill payment, you would understandably like to pay it on the provider’s website – it seems like the most sure-fire option. Again to quote the example of Airtel, suppose you have an Airtel broadband connection at home. At the time of broadband bill payment, you can simply access the Airtel website and look for the legend ‘Pay bill’ on the home page (refer to illustration below). Just follow the steps outlined therein, and your broadband bill pay is done with just a few clicks online.

* Pay using a third party payment platform.Yet another option for online bill payment platforms. Just enter the broadband number in thespace provided, or the Customer Account number in case of power or gas payments, and proceed as prompted. Some of these platforms offer cash back on every transaction, which results in good savings over the long run. You can even use phone app like UPI to effect the bill payments online.

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