Thomas Bertha December 16, 2017

Regardless of being a personal or business website, WordPress is the content management system masses opt for. Offering you great ease and fantastic choices, it comes to you absolutely free of cost. Almost everyone who starts with a website chooses the free version and is quite satisfied. However, it does offer edgy premium versions like Thrive themes as well. The question is why you should opt for the premium version. We state some reasons as to why a premium WordPress theme makes sense for you.

Superior quality and performance

With a popular premium theme, you can expect superior quality in comparison to free themes, cleaner coding, better adherence to standards, rigorous testing, excellent performance and much better SEO. Often a team of expert developers is maintaining and developing these themes.  In comparison to free themes, it has some new and unique features that ensure a much better user experience.


From a business perspective, your website needs to be class apart from all other similar websites. This can be a trifle hard to achieve with a free theme. Nearly everybody is downloading the free theme and using them which make them extremely ordinary and commonplace. Nothing makes it stand out unless you do some significant customization. In contrast, premium themes are much less used, and you do have some uniqueness with them. They can also be easily customized to take up your business personality.

Better Functionality

Not everybody is tech savvy. Making even a small change to free WordPress can prove daunting to the technologically challenged person as it often requires some basic understanding of PHP, CSS, and HTML. This problem does not rise with premium WordPress theme version. They are designed with functionality in mind and making any change in design and formatting can be easily achieved by a click of a button, thanks to their intuitive interface.


Free themes might be available in plenty, but their security is not guaranteed. Most of them are insecure. Some actually come packaged with malicious code and security holes so that malware and hackers can easily attack your website. Many themes have hidden encrypted links which might not be visible to a reasonable person or after casual examination. This leaves your website vulnerable to be used to create spam back-links to other websites. However, these are visible to Google, and you might end up never meeting your ranking targets and actually sliding down. Quite a few issues can be avoided if you use themes from the WordPress Free Themes Directory. But it can be eradicated entirely by using a premium version.

Quick updates and better compatibility with future WordPress releases

Like most other programs, WordPress also rolls out several major and minor releases. Sometimes they are not updated properly with free themes or can even make the previous compatible theme go incompatible. You might even miss out on updates. However, with the premium version, you face no such hassles as developers have already tested it before releasing. The premium version easily withstands the test of time.

By going premium with just a few extra cash, you get bountiful of benefits. Thus going premium is the right path to choose.