Thomas Bertha December 14, 2017

  The mobile phones are the contemporary piece of technology these days, its popularity has been attracted the people in such a way that everyone wants to have their own cell phone. People use these smartphones for so many different reasons such as a communication tool whether it is in the text form or in the voice, for sharing media files and to make selfies by using the phone’s back and front camera. The modern gadgets whether it is running on the Android OS or with IOS taking selfies and capturing photos is one of the most advanced trends these days.

On the other hand, the young generation is not behind from anyone and mostly they have their own individual cell phones. The rain of mobile phones has made the world planet of phones; therefore having such an impact of the advanced phone technology is creating issues for young generation connected to the cyberspace. However, to sort out all the issues created by the cell phone connected to the internet there is need to use the phone spy software to the fullest.

Let’s discuss TOS spy app shortly!

Cell phone spying software powered by TheOneSpy has been developed for the people that really need to track someone’s device having genuine and positive reasons. Therefore, it is the best cell phone monitoring software for parenting, keep an eye on employees activities and as well as for spouse tracking. The spy cell phone app has one of the best tools that allow users to get their hands on what they are looking for. It will work under complete secrecy and get the job done silently and with the sheer power of accuracy.

Therefore, it is one of the best remote install cell phone spy apps. The mobile phone surveillance program is leading the world in cell phone spying. Its powerful features and reasonable price is a kind of blessing for the poor parents that want to set parenting control on kids and teens mobile activities for some odd reasons.

It provides you robust features such as camera bugging, record live calls, spy on text messages, GPS location tracker, remotely phone controller, read emails, capture screenshots, IM’s social media tracking, browsing history, Spy 360 live surround listening, spy 360 live camera streaming and spy 360 live screen sharing. All the features of TOS monitoring app have their own individual identity that makes it far superior to its competitors. Today we are going to discuss the camera bugging of TheOneSpy.

Mobile Phone camera bug and its usage

Use of cell phone camera is one of the most attractive trends these days, teens get their selfies and make videos by using the front and back camera of the device and the spread it on social media platforms. On the other hand, parents can monitor this cell phone’s camera both back and front and can track the activities of kids and teens, employers can view what their employee is doing at the moment and even the spouses can track the hidden activities of their partners. The user just has to install the mobile phone camera bugging software on the target device having physical access to the target phone. Once they did it, they will be able to activate the cell phone tracking software. Smartphone camera bug spy allows a user to make short videos of the target cell phone surroundings by using the spyvidcam of the camera bug of a mobile phone.

Then users will be able to see what sort of activities a target cell phone user is doing at the moment. On the other hand, it further allows a user to take photos and capture images through back and front camera of the target phone. The user can make back to back short videos of the surrounds from 1 minute to 5 minutes, from 1 minute to 7 minutes and from 1 minute to 3 minutes. The user can get their hands on all the remotely created videos and photos by using the back and front camera of the cell phone device by logging into the TOS online control panel. The user can view the remotely created videos and captured photos through cell phone camera bugging software.


Use camera bugging spyware to track your kids and teens, to keep an eye on your employee’s activities and dig out all the rabbit holes about your partners.